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On how many computers can i install Movie Magic?
The Premiere and Upgrade Edition are granted to one user who can install Movie Magic on 2 computers (MAC/PC) simultaneously.
The Academic version can be installed on 1 computer only
For more information about Entertainment Partner Software Policy, click here

How do I proceed if I want to install the application on a second computer?
Simply, get connected to your Moviesoft account through the second computer.
Click on your most recent order and download your application.  
How does it work if I change computer?
You will first need to deauthorize (online procedure) from your old computer and then reauthorize on your new computer.
I haven't received my product key yet?
Please make sure to double check in your spam folder. If not please contact us our support, click here. 

What kind of Internet connection do I need?
Since the average file size is 50MB,  we strongly recommend a fast internet Connection to purchase download version.


"File Damaged"... Error Message
On a new MAC, by default you can't download from any store except APPLE STORE, unless you change your settings. Go to System Preferences / Security / Privacy and then in General Panel change your settings.

Password requested
If you are on a MAC and try to install the program and a window comes up asking for your Administrative Password, that is your MAC system password, not your Activation ID.
If you do not have a MAC password you will need to go to System Preferences/Users and create one. 

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