Movie Magic Budgeting 7 (Upgrade - Premiere Edition)

Movie Magic Budgeting 7 (Upgrade - Premiere Edition)
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Completely compatible with EP Budgeting 6, MovieMagic Budgeting 7 is an innovative budgeting and cost estimation tool used by production professionals around the world. It features an intuitive, flexible format that allows users to create and edit comprehensive budgets of all sizes, for all types of productions.

Your production budget is the blueprint that demonstrates how your project will get made. The decision to fund will be based on the information laid out in the budget. Originally, a variety of spreadsheets and other financial data were assembled manually and constantly reworked to accommodate different scenarios. But then came Movie Magic.

The most widely used production budgeting application, Movie Magic Budgeting 7 offers a range of budgeting tools and flexibility not found elsewhere. Workflows are designed with an awareness of the complexities of production and the ever-changing issues facing finance professionals. Explicit levels of detail, multiple comparisons, and complete analysis of multiple scenarios are just a mouse click away.

Based on continuous feedback from you, the user, Movie Magic Budgeting 7 saves time, increases efficiency, and prepares budgets that allow your team to make the best production decisions possible.

What’s New?

Intuitive Navigation
Navigate with ease through your budget with the redesigned Movie Magic Ball. You may also opt to work using Classic Movie Magic keystrokes.

Apply a Credit
Apply credits for tax incentives, production rebates, or other credits directly to your Topsheet. You can even add multiple credits and set cutoffs to cover complex spend requirements.

Import Your Schedule
Get a head start on your budget by importing your Movie Magic Scheduling 5 library. Bring over your Elements and totals without having to re-enter your data.

Export budget data to standard spreadsheet applications • Create customized budget forms, including budgets in different languages • Quickly change and update components throughout the entire budget • PDF Format • Multiple budget comparison • Foreign Currency (view entire productions using native or budgeted rates for selected currencies) •...

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