Adobe Story

Writing and Scheduling your film with the most advanced production solution…

Adobe® Story is a new powerful collaborative platform for scriptwriting, shooting script and scheduling application designed for TV broadcasters.

Scheduling & Production Reports Module
Designed for Production, Adobe® Story allows you to build a schedule from a script that has either been created with Adobe Story (“Writing Module”) or imported from Microsoft Word® or Final Draft®:
Adobe Story offers powerful tools for Assistant Directors, including:

  • Tagging features directly from the script
  • Stripboard including Sort & Search tools
  • Stripboard Panoramic View
  • Estimated running time (fully customizable)
  • Shooting time
  • Finding actor conflicts
  • Multiple Reports fully editable (call sheet, bible, character cross-plot, etc.)
  • Shooting order script

Screenwriting & Shooting Script Module 
Adobe® Story integrates a powerful screenwriting and shooting script module designed for writing stories from the initial FADE IN to tracking changes at different stages of the production.

Share all your documents such as screenplays, camera scripts, schedules, reports, scouting locations, photos, etc., with your production team.: 

Collaborative platform:
With Adobe® Story you can share your production reports, schedules, revised scripts with other crew members in different locations and all work at the same time. Track changes made by each screenwriter or 1st or 2nd assistant by using color codes to denote who changed what and easily update your schedule.
Assign roles to each team member and control who can read, comment, and/or modify the documents.

Working on or offline:
Adobe® Story 
also allows you to work on or offline so you never have to worry about not being connected to the internet when you want to work on your project or that brilliant scene pops in your head. With the intuitive Adobe Air® application, Adobe Story will automatically sync any changes made offline the next time you connect. You never have to worry about working on a copy of your project that is not up to date.

Adobe® Story works on MAC and PC and is fully compatible (back and forth) with Final Draft and Microsoft Word.

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