Adobe Story vs. Movie Magic Scheduling 6 & Final Draft 8 combined

 Adobe Story PlusFinal Draft 8Comment
Interface available in multiple languages (French, English, German, Italian, Spanish)
Foreign Spell-checker
SCRIPT EDITINGAdobe Story PlusFinal Draft 8
Managing Set and characters listHowever you can not attach any image with Final Draft. You can do it with Story.
Auto-Guess second character who speaksWhen two characters have a conversation, Final Draft automatically enters the next character name
Dual DialogueTwo characters speak at the same time, Final Draft places them side by side
Split a dialogueBy inserting an action in a dialogue, the dialogue paragraphs is split in two distinct paragraphs and the character who speaks is automatically added before the second dialogue
Automatically split actionFinal Draft will split action at the end of a sentence so it doesn't break over two pages
Automatic scene headingType Int. or Ext. and element converts to Scene Heading
Shift-tabShift-tab cycles through elements in reverse
TEMPLATEAdobe Story PlusFinal Draft 8
Possibility to add elements in the templateAllows for custom elements (i.e., lyrics)
Save and apply a template to any document (including list of characters and sets)
Ability to change Enter Key behaviorInstead of "Enter" going from Dialogue to Action, it can be changed to go to a new character
TV Templates, Features Film Templates
Documentaries, AV Multi-columns templates
OUTLINEAdobe Story PlusFinal Draft 8
Outline View
Reorganizing the scenes from the outline
Insert Act or Sequence in outline
Scene Card ModeDisplays scenes in a "card view" which allows for easy reordering of scenes and scene notes.
Creating Summary Scene in the outlineWith Adobe you can add a summary to each scene, but it is more use for the scheduling feature than writing a treatment
Managing colors in the outlineAllows for colors to be used to designated same locations, characters, etc.
Scene PanelPanel where you can add/attach any type of information about your scenes (Synopsis, images, duration, notes, budget,...)
Notes PanelThis is a really powerful feature in Adobe Story
Converting a screenplay into a shooting scriptAdobe Story is the only product on the market offering such a feature
Insert Camera Info or shooting Info
Insert Image from Storyboard
Other AV (multi-columns) Format including images
Working simultaneously on the same documentThis feature is called "Collabowriter in Final Draft" but it is not used. 2 users have to be connected simultaneously to use Collabowriter.
Sharing DocumentsCo-Author, Viewer, Reader Mode
Taking Notes
Separate Notes ReportTxt document for Final Draft, CSV file for Story
Text To SpeechNo professional uses this feature. (it is more a gadget)
PRODUCTION FEATURESAdobe Story PlusFinal Draft 8
Tagging facilitiesFinal Draft is using a separate utility called Final Draft Tagger
Numbering Scene
Numbering DialogueHowever with Final Draft, all numbers (whether dialogue or scene headings) are aligned. So it is unreadable.
Scene Duration
Running Time
REVISIONAdobe Story PlusFinal Draft
Manage all set of revisions (Production Level)
Tracking Changes (revision mode at a writing Level including the display of text deleted)Final Draft can't show deleted text while using the revision mode
Comparing two documentsTwo versions compared side by side with changes, additions, deletions noted.
REPORTAdobe Story PlusFinal Draft 8
Notes Report
Issuing a new document where actions only are extracted from the original script
Location Report
Character Report
All Reports available as a CSV file
PRODUCTIVITYAdobe Story PlusFinal Draft 8
Directly access to the most recent documents
Central Storage Project Space
Working online
Sharing Documents
Backup Version
Converting a script into a schedule
Export a script to Movie Magic Scheduling
Creating other documents such as Synopsis, Pitch,…
Scan for Script Formatting ErrorCheck formatting error. Blank Space, Character with no dialogues,…
PRINTING OPTIONAdobe Story PlusFinal Draft 8
Print your script as a PDF File
Print Revision in color
Print Dialogues only
SCHEDULINGAdobe Story PlusMovie Magic Scheduling 5
Interface available in multiple languages (French, English, German, Italian, Spanish)
TaggerThe tagger is a Final Draft feature fully compatible with Movie Magic Scheduling
Interactive Stripboard (drag & Drop)
Add customizable banners (day, break,...)
Add, Delete, Omit, Split Scene
Red flag
Run several production Reports (bible, cast, location,...)
Customizing Reports
Editable Reports
Shooting Time Fields
Estimated Running Time
1st and 2nd ADs, working simultaneously on a script breakdown and scheduling
Detect Casting Conflicts between 2 schedules
Easily track script changes
Multiple CSV export
Import a Final Draft Script
Scene Panel
Attach images
Casting ID