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Easy Installation
Movie Magic Scheduling 6  is very easy to install and to activate, no need to be an expert. We highly recommend you have an Internet connection to activate the license, although it is possible to do so phoning the support line, but the procedure is less simple.

Breakdown Sheets
The Breakdown sheet is designed to look like a traditional paper breakdown sheet with slug line information at the top and the categories beneath. In its Default template, MM Scheduling suggests a certain number of categories. The category manager allows you to add, delete or design as many more categories as necessary.
The toolbar on the Breakdown Sheet displays all possible actions such as create, duplicate or merge sheets. You can choose to navigate by scene, by board or by sheet.
MM Scheduling has new functions such as estimated shooting time, which will automatically add itself to the board’s daybreaks, and the Element Linking Manager, which allows you to create element packages.
The Element Manager allows you to easily alter, move, merge, rename or identify elements.

Sort, Find and Find Advance
Sort and Find are what make MM Scheduling so powerful.
The Sort Window will allow you to sort hundreds of strips by Scene, by D/N, by I/E, by Set or by Location in a fraction of a second.
The Find Window will allow you to find precise strips by defining criteria and to move them either alone or in groups to exactly where you wish them to appear in your Stripboard.
One new EP Scheduling function, which will be most appreciated by Assistant Directors, is Find/Replace. This function allows users to alter the name of any element in all categories at once, including the Synopsis or Set.

The Board
Each Board is linked to a calendar. The Calendar Manager and Board Manager allow you to easily create, alter, delete or duplicate boards and calendars. The amount of boards and calendars is unlimited.
Just like the Breakdown Sheet window, the Board window is designed to resemble a traditional board. Its toolbar and submenus allow you to rapidly add, delete, copy and paste daybreaks and banners.
Its Unschedule area allows you to drop unused strips, and come back to them for later use.

Designing Reports/Strips and Printing
• MM Scheduling comes with a number of layouts allowing you to print your cast list, breakdown sheets, location list or shooting schedule.
You will easily be able to create your own layout or customize the ones included in the application. You will then be able to save these new layouts in a folder for future use in a new schedule.
EPS Printing Manager allows you to narrow down what you wish to print (days, scene, date, list strips, breakdown sheet, etc.)
In the present version of EP Scheduling there is no scaling option, so you cannot print strips any longer than 10 inches. This option should be included in the next upgrade.

The New Calendar Module
• allows users to create a more efficient shooting schedule with ease using drag and drop to organize strips, days, and weeks on a calendar layout.

• MM Scheduling will automatically open EP Scheduling Files. But since EPS is an older version, you will have to export the file from MM Scheduling to EP S4. It is also compatible with MMS 3.7. Doing so, some information might be lost such as estimated shooting time. It will only export one calendar and ten boards. There is also a limited amount of layouts.
• MM Scheduling can import data from scripts written with software such as Final Draft or Movie Magic Screenwriter. In the breakdown, the scene numbers, set titles, effects, roles will be indicated and category list created. Simply sort them, and you can get started on your schedule.

Upgrade, Update and license
The License allows you to install MM Scheduling on two computers simultaneously (for the same user), either MAC/MAC or MAC/PC. The same license applies to both systems.
Updates are released every 6 months and can be downloaded for free on the Entertainment Partners website. Major updates are released every 3-4 years (generally not for free).

Although MM Scheduling has been totally reshaped, Movie Magic Scheduling users will not be disoriented. Entertainment Partners have been careful not to alter the interface, tools or shortcuts. Users therefore simply appreciate all the new functions that have been added to increase the application’s scope.
MM Scheduling is presently the most popular scheduling software, used in many countries including America, England, Germany, Spain and France.

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