Screen Advantage ® – Professional Finances Plans for Film

Screen Advantage®

Screen Advantage® is an online application, conceived as a tool for producers, to assist them in the preparation and presentation of the financial information that is essential in the raising of finance for film and television projects. The reports generated by Screen Advantage® are consistent and appropriate for the target audience of financiers, accountants and lawyers.

Screen Advantage® has two principle sections:

INPUT SCREENS: These are as flexible as possible and allow for many finance structures and types of investor: Gap Loans to vanilla Equity and mezzanine investors that have features of both. Users can include revenue corridors, investments made against specific territories and any mixture of these commonly found elements.

OUTPUT REPORTS: The resulting Output Reports clearly and concisely present the information your financiers need in a professional format they will be able to read and understand. Users can re-organise and re-order the participants in the Recoupment Waterfall, by simply dragging and dropping any of the participants to alternative positions within the Waterfall.

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